Romantic flowers Part II

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We've written before that flowers are the most popular gift for women. And this is 100% true. They are like compliments, never too much. We would like to continue our topic about romantic flowers because there are so many of them, and we just can't not to mention them.

Sunflowers are named for the sun as they represent warmth and happiness. They also represent loyalty, which is so important in romantic relationships. Despite they are summer flowers, they are available all year round.

Lilies are all about beauty,class and style. They carry the meaning of magnificent beauty. 

Tulips represent perfect love. Also they are super affordable and very classy.

Irises are reminiscent of spring, and like spring they send a message of hope and faith.

Gardenias are recognized as being some of the most highly fragrant flowers in the world. They are often chosen for wedding bouquets. These flowers are associated with several meanings including purity, love and refinement. 

The Yellow Daffodil represents new beginnings. It is also referred to as a lucky symbol of future success.

Jasmine is blissfully perfumed flower which represents modesty, love and sensuality, which makes it an extremely romantic flower. Jasmine also represents elegance, nobility and grace.




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