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Easy Christmas Table Centerpiece

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Easy Christmas Table Centerpiece

Hello Everyone!

Holidays are special times for family gatherings and face-stuffing BUT none of that would be possible without a centerpiece... and we're not talking about the turkey or the pie! 

It's a bird!
It's a plane!

It's something that you made yourself and now have something to show off this holiday season in case your cooking skills have failed you, knock on wood of course!

And If cooking has indeed fallen through and you're in the Philadelphia area, we encourage you to order takeout from Miller's Ale House! Oh... how we love the hearty, fresh food from here! When we hit late nights at the store- this is the place to order takeout or even dine in as they're open quite late!

Anyways, enjoy the video, comment and happy holidays to you and yours!

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