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Orchid Bouquets and Arrangements

It is common to think that orchids are only good for orchid wedding bouquets, however we love to use orchids for our other arrangements as well. Our orchid arrangements are both colorful, bright, and totally customizable to your touch! Orchids’ unique array of colors makes them a very popular piece in our arrangements. Our orchid mixed bouquets combine a variety of different flowers and colors to make them really pop. Specifically, we offer orchid combined roses designs which completely stand out in the entire Northeast Philadelphia area. We also offer stand-alone, orchids already in a pot, to add to the vibe of anywhere from your home to an office space. These pots are perfect, sentimental gifts for anyone from a loved one to a coworker. Call, order online, or come in today for great service and same delivery of your beautiful orchids as well!


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