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Super easy ways to be more romantic

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Happy relationships is a constant work. First of all never take each other for granted. A lot would say that the beginning of relationships is the best and the easiest part, no wonder why. In the beginning we always try to impress each other with the way we talk, the way we behave. Constant compliments from the men's side and always a nice looking from the women's side do their job. When we just start to date, we are afraid to offend each other with words or actions, we are always nice to each other because we want to show our best side.  But what is happening in the later stage of that relationships? We get used to each other so much that we forget why we started to date this person in the first place. No romantic dinners, long talks until 3 am, the compliments stop, we hug less, we kiss less, in other words the romance has gone. And the fault is on both partners.

As the Team of NE Flower Boutique is helping men here, we prepared a few tips on how to be more romantic. And just for you to know the romance is contagious, that means when you will become doing some romantic stuff you'll get same in respond

1) Go on dates. Yeah, you've been dating for like 5 years now, or you've been married for 10, so what? Pick a beautiful place and invite your loved one on a date. 

2) Talk to her, listen to her. Ask how was her day, or about the plans for the future. Women love to talk, they like to share. And there is nothing more romantic than a a man who does care what a woman say.

3) Don't forget to say I love you. Yes she knows about that, but it is so nice to hear these magic 3 words.

4) Make surprises. When you start talking to your girl more you will find out a lot about her dreams and wishes. And she will be so happy if you implement them. Take her to that restaurant she was talking about last week or arrange a sudden road trip to the winery she mentioned few months ago.

5) Compliment your partner. She needs to know that she is still attractive to you. " Why is that taking so long, you look fine" - is the worst that you can say. It is taking her so long because, because she is trying to look beautiful for you. And she would appreciate your compliment for sure.

6) How can we talk about the romance and do not mention flowers. Flowers are always associated with love. Sent a gorgeous flower arrangement to her work place, so not only her but all her coworkers will know what a great boyfriend or husband you are.

And we at NE Flower Boutique will make sure that she will be speechless with the beauty of our flowers.


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