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Top 5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

It is a common assumption that roses are the only flowers that are acceptable for gifting on Valentine's Day. Roses are often thought of as love flowers. However, as expert florists with vast knowledge of flowers and their meanings as well as complete and deep understanding of floral design and familiarity with combinations of various flowers, we can definitely say that red roses, while quite appropriate for Valentine's Day, are not the only flowers that may be given and certainly not alone. You may look to these flower ideas for Valentine's Day to help you plan the perfect gift.

Dozen and more of roses.

Of course, a dozen of red or a dozen of different colored roses or even two dozens of roses is a beautiful gesture; but as any gift, a thought that is put into the flower arrangement may not go unnoticed. For example, one may find that a certain someone is attracted to sweets fragrances and while many roses are very fragrant, not all roses have a distinct sweet smell. In this case, it is wise to ask a local expert florist, such as us, NE Flower Boutique in northeast Philadelphia, which roses that we carry have a very sweet and noticeable fragrance and we will tell you a's NOT red roses! Garden roses and ones with many petal counts that open up faster but stay open for a while, such as the pink roses called Geraldine, or white roses called Polo may be a better choice for someone looking to give roses for Valentine's Day. Roses are truly ideal flowers to give on Valentine's Day as they are able to transpose feelings like no other flowers, whether the feeling is warmth, connection or love of different levels. Red roses, being considered, the queen of all roses are most popular in terms of showing deep and utter affection and dedication. Red roses mean more than just a romantic inclination, but rather are a sign of deep connection and true love and passion. Other colors of roses are more appropriate for other recipients or those, to whom feelings of deep connection or passion is not appropriate; such as yellow roses may be given to a friend or pink to a sister. However, for the most part, these flowers are an excellent choice for someone looking to express the deepest of feelings on Valentine's Day.

Asiatic Lilies and roses arrangement.

Once again though, roses are NOT the only flowers that are a great choice for a present on Valentine's Day. Again, for someone that loves sweet fragrances, Asiatic lilies are a great choice! They are beautiful, have large blooms and will fill up the whole room with a sweet but VERY strong fragrance. Therefore, one has to be very careful when picking out flowers for Valentine's Day as some may find the smell of lilies too strong to handle. Lilies have long been considered flowers of innocence and often pictured with those that are without sin; oftentimes these flowers are found in pictures of Saint Mary and other Saints. Lilies combined with roses form a very versatile present and are very appropriate as a present for a lady of your choice whether it be a mother or a lover. This combination is one of the go-to arrangements of flowers as they complement each other very well and form a luxury present for Valentine's Day!

Orchid arrangements.

For another someone that likes luxurious things in life and enjoys beach vacations and sea-food (yea, you know who I'm talking about), a good choice of Valentine's Day flowers would be orchids or even tropical flowers. These flowers include cymbidum orchids, dendrobium orchids, lilies, anthuriums, calla lilies and may be combined with roses to create beautiful arrangements for Valentine's Day!

  • Orchids are symbolic for beauty and elegance and would make an excellent choice for a gift for Valentine's day.
  • White orchids are perfect to present to a relative such as a sister or mother; whereas yellow orchids are great to give to true friends and yellow color symbolizes friendship and new beginnings.
  • Orchids arranged with roses are a beautiful combination that is sure to impress!

Overall, tropical flowers are a great choice of gift for Valentine's Day!


Although rare, some people do prefer to begin a spring season right on Valentine's Day! And they do so with giving flowers on Valentine's Day or ordering flowers online with delivery. A spring choice of flowers may be something like tulips, which may come in red, white and pink to represent the colors of Valentine's Day. Tulips are smaller-headed flowers and may be purchased in bulk.

  • Red tulips symbolize a connection that is both strong and passionate and are quite popular on Valentine's Day.
  • Pink tulips are a great choice as well and if presented, may symbolize the beginning of a new relationship and are a great alternative to the color red if one is in the beginning stage of a relationship as they will demonstrate feelings of platonic or growing attraction.

Gerber Daisies.

Another great choice for spring flowers for Valentine's Day is gerber daisies. They come in a variety of colors and may also come in red, white and pink to represent the Valentine's day flowers colors. Gerber daises look great in bouquets and mixed in flower arrangements containing different flowers. Gerber daises look great by themselves or even mixed with other flowers, such as lilies or roses. The main idea behind gerber daises is innocence and may be used as more of a shy gesture of attention on Valentine's Day. When combined with roses or lilies, gerberas show that while moving forward would be a great step, it is not an immediate need and the comfort of both parties is of utmost importance. Whether trying to communicate this idea or simply picking these flowers because of their simplicity and attractiveness, gerber daisies are a great choice of flowers for Valentine's Day!

When choosing and selecting flowers for Valentine's Day, it is wise to pay attention to the meaning of each flower. A specially-picked arrangement will deliver more than just the flowers themselves; it will demonstrate the extensive thought process that has been put into it and allow your feelings and gestures that you were hoping to make be acknowledged and expressed properly while addressing the special qualities possessed only by your special someone!

Hopefully, these ideas for flowers for Valentine's Day flowers will help you pick out the perfect luxury gift for that special someone and if they happen to be within the Philadelphia area, feel free to give us a call at NE Flower Boutique!

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