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The Trendiest Flowers This Spring 2019

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Yes! You heard us right, it is spring time outside! While some people looking for new fashion, food, sports trends and even more. We are looking for flower trends. Flowers have trends and popular season too, even when we all know that flowers are always in trend. In this post you can find out what flowers you should buy this spring!

Fist one is Freesia, they bloom in such beautiful and bright colors, such as yellow, purple, hot pink and more. Freesias usually stay alive longer, than other flowers and definitely love sunlight. It is a great choice for this spring time, to buy some freesias and decorate the space around you.

Second on our list are tulips. Tulips are so casual and just scream "spring time". It is a popular choice for wedding bouquets and decoration for any garden. I think we all know that tulips have one of the most gorgeous color pallets. One tip for this spring if you decide to plant them in your garden, they will need a lot of sunlight and well-drained soil. The last place on our chart takes a simple flower with a name "Daisy". Daisies are simple, but essential at every garden and every single house during spring time. Especially, yellow daisies have an attempt to bring so much joy and happiness to your house. Sometimes it feels like they are telling you "Smile".

All these flowers playing a big part in this spring 2019. These flowers would look great in the vase in your living room. It Would definitely bring a sunny spring mood to you and your family. Check all of these listed flowers in our NE Flower Boutique. Thank you for reading!

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