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Types of Floral Arrangements

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Loved for its alluring beauty and delightful fragrance, flowers have become a sight for sore eyes and have become a major part of our lives. Today, they are much more than just beautiful pieces but are now a medium of expressing emotions. People now send flowers to their loved ones for birthday parties, weddings and also for funerals. This is because of the meaning that these flowers possess thereby setting the tone for that event.  

A major art that has now become popular are flower arrangements. Flowers can be perfectly arranged in a way to portray the full essence of the meaning behind it. There are several varieties of flower arrangements, but they are classified into three styles:

Oriental Style: In this style, there is more emphasis on the arrangement of the flowers in lines.

Traditional/Western Style: There is more attention given to the use of a lot of flowers as a mass.

Modern Style: There are no defining rules for this style so, the  florist can be more creative with the arrangement. Therefore, making the arrangement mostly dependent on the preference of the florist. 

Now that we know the different styles, let’s take a quick look at a few flower arrangements that can bring out the best visual impact you want.


The flower bouquet is suitable for almost all kinds of events. Whether you are expressing love or condolence. It is also one of the easiest forms of arrangement making it a common form of arrangement. Flowers like roses and carnations are generally used for this form of arrangement.

Floral Basket

If you are looking for a gift for a Christmas party or a birthday party then get flowers with the floral basket arrangement. This is a magnificent form of floral arrangement whereby flowers are arranged carefully in a basket of different depths, depending on the preference of the florist or designer. Sometimes, in addition to the flowers, these baskets could be filled with fruits and vegetables and giving as gifts on Thanksgiving.

Table Centerpiece

As the name suggests the floral table centerpiece is placed at the center of the table to create a beauty statement. They are usually just common floral arrangements that are designed to be placed on dinner tables.  However, many people use this arrangement for special occasions like Christmas, weddings and, Thanksgiving


This is a circular garland, that is usually designed with flowers and foliage. They are majorly used during funerals as a symbol of honor but are sometimes used during special occasions like thanksgiving to signify celebration 

Choosing the right flower is important but choosing the right floral arrangement is also very important. So, utilize these various forms of arrangement and gain optimum visual beauty of your flower.

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