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Corporate Flowers

At NE Flower Boutique, we also specialize in corporate floral services. We provide corporate floral arrangement for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a weekly service of replacing lobby flowers or looking to order flower arrangements for corporate events, we will be happy to assist you! We provide corporate flower delivery on a one-time or a scheduled rotational basis.We also specialize in flower arrangements for a wedding. A fresh flower arrangement will provide a beautiful ambiance to your function and space!

Corporate Events & Occasions
At NE Flower Boutique we strive to create exceptional designs for the Office, Business place or at Home. Our professional & devoted team are experts at organizing and executing all types of events.Transform a sterile corporate environment into one of warmth and color when you utilize our corporate flower services. Filled with charm and personality, fresh flowers have a way of making a lobby, reception area and other corporate spaces welcoming. Think of the last time you entered a building for a meeting or appointment and were greeted by fresh blooms. Chances are it made you smile and struck you as a great touch. You may have even walked up to it to check if it was real! Create that same great first impression in your corporate setting by utilizing our corporate flower program. We offer everything from stunning weekly flower deliveries to floral holiday installations, corporate parties, birthdays, retirements and more. Whether you use our services once a week or once a year, we always deliver on quality, artistry and affordability.
Whether its a small intimate gathering or a large corporate event you can trust us to decorate it beautifully!

Reception/Office/Lobby Flowers
From as little as $25.00 per week we can supply you with a lovely arrangement in a vase to compliment your office. We'll provide you with a free vase & exchange with a fresh design each week.
For a beautiful mid-size floral display we charge around $50 -75 per week depending on floral choice. For larger, elaborate arrangements such as a hotel lobby table we recommend budgeting $150 and up per week. Please contact us at to inquire about pricing. 

Our extensive assortment of fresh arrangements and plants allow you to set the tone that is in line with your company's vision. For creative companies such as interior designers or architects, we offer plenty of artistic and trendsetting designs. For law offices, we have been known to fill these spaces with sophisticated arrangements in muted tones and classic flowers to convey a message of absolute professionalism. To add warmth to medical offices, we have assembled cheerful bouquets filled with warmth and vibrant colors to put visitors at ease. Our experienced team of floral designers can steer you in the right direction with their ideas to come up with your perfect arrangements.


Business Floral Gifts
Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion whether its a celebration, promotion, congratulations performance or retirement. Please view our beautiful selection of floral gifts on purchase page or feel free to contact the shop to speak with a designer to customize a floral gift suitable for you and your needs. In addition to making clients and visitors feel welcome, floral arrangements have a positive effect on employees. You cannot help but smile and feel happy when you are surrounded by flowers - even in a stressful environment. Fill your office with the sight and scent of fresh flowers and let your employees know you cared enough to make their space a little prettier and happier.


 Please email us directly at for peronalized consultation and quote for your floral needs!


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