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How much do Bouquets Cost?

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

When it comes to talking about money, people get cold feet because nobody likes to lose money. But, it’s a thing we have to discuss. To design that perfect event, you need bouquets.

You have asked yourself the question “How much will it cost?” Today, the question has been answered. However, to understand the reasons for the actual cost of bouquets, we have to understand the factors that affect the price of bouquets. 

The Type of Event

This will determine the size of bouquet that will be required. For larger events like a wedding you will obviously need larger bouquets. This will definitely cost more compared to having a smaller bouquet.

Also, within the event, there are several kinds of bouquets like the centerpiece bouquet which will be more expensive than a cake bouquet. Sometimes flowers can be mixed to reduce the cost of the bouquet. Mixing expensive with less expensive flowers will drastically reduce the price. 

The Type of Flower

The basic element of any bouquet is the flowers used and this makes the flowers very important in determining the price. Like all products there is cost of production and this is the same with flowers. The selling price of any flower is determined on the cost of growth, labor, and transport.

Some flowers are naturally easier to grow making them generally cheaper than other plants (e.g. Sunflower). Another important factor that also affects the selling price is the season. Each flower has its season making it easier to plant and grow. If you want a particular flower and it's not its season, you might have to make a special order from another side of the world which will incur a higher price.

The cost of production is reduced when these flowers are grown and harvested in season which in turn, reduces the selling price. So, if you want more exotic flowers your bouquet, price will definitely be on the high side. But, if you go for more economical flowers, your bouquet price might be more manageable. 

The Floral Designer

Another thing that plays a large role in determining the price of a bouquet is the floral Designer or florist. The florist is the person that helps design the flowers into bouquets in a pleasing way. Because of their skills and services, they are in high demand and come at a high price.

Their cost depends on a lot of things like transportation (i.e. the distance to the venue and market), and some extra tools needed. In creating these bouquets, most times there is some waste. Sometimes people need to buy more flowers than actually necessary.

Naturally, some florists in a particular area might just be generally more expensive than some other florists in different areas. Florist with a high level of clout even charge higher than others. Also, florists that offer same-day flower delivery may charge an additional fee. This affects the cost of the bouquet significantly and it is advised that if you can’t afford an expensive florist stick to a less expensive person.

From the above factors, you will realize that the cost of bouquets varies a lot. On an average, the cost of bouquets is between $40 - $80. First of all, establish the kind of event you need this bouquet for, know the type of flower you want, and know the florist you want and budget appropriately.

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