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Best Flowers for a Funeral

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Choosing a flower for your loved one can be quite easy. All you need to do is check if it smells nice, looks nice, and then buy it. But, because of the sensitive nature of death, choosing the right flower for a funeral is more complicated than that. It goes beyond just the looks or smell but recognizing the message that each flower is trying to pass across. Many flowers have their unique meanings so you must understand the meaning of these flowers before choosing one for a funeral. Here are the top seven flowers that are most commonly chosen for funerals.


Roses are a very popular choice for funerals. Although many people know roses to be red, roses come in various colors and its meaning varies depending on its color. The deep red colored rose symbolizes love and grief.  White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and youthfulness. While yellow roses imply friendship, the pink roses are a sign of gentleness. You can’t go wrong with roses.


Like roses, lilies are also a popular choice for funerals. This is because of the strong meaning it connotes. It represents the return of the deceased to a restored state of peace and innocence.


The carnation flowers come in various colors, and their meanings are a function of their colors. These flowers ideally symbolize pure love and innocence. The red carnation shows affection or admiration, the pink shows remembrance, while the white carnation shows innocence. Carnations are usually arranged into funeral wreaths or standing sprays to create a stunning look. 


Orchids are a good choice for funerals. These flowers are used to express sympathy and show love, but have a popular meaning; “I will always love you,” and is not dependent on the color. Orchids are also good funerals gifts because of their long lifespans. 


As complex as its name sounds so does its meaning. Also known as “mums”, this flower varies in meaning globally and has been given different connotations like, “truth” in countries like America and “death” in various European countries. Although its meaning has a major theme which is sympathy, its meaning also varies according to its color.  Red Chrysanthemums signify love while white signifies innocence.

Peace Lily Plant

These are similar to lilies and represent innocence, harmony, and rebirth of the deceased. They are usually sent to loved ones who are grieving because the flower lives a long time.


These flowers are most times arranged with other flowers and vary in meaning. It sometimes means “you are included in my prayer.” However, depending on the society you are in, some people believe this flower symbolizes harshness, so be careful when choosing this flower. 

The death of a loved one can come suddenly. Sometimes we might find it hard to express our emotions or convey our thoughts properly to show our condolences. Now you can express yourself through these flowers. Now that you know the meaning of these flowers, choosing the right flowers for a funeral will come easy.

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