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3 Unique Wedding Venues in Philadelphia

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Philadelphia, known for its many national historic sites like Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell. It’s a city that has attracted many tourists to it since it was founded. But, apart from its historical sites, Philadelphia is home to many parks and hundreds of fun places that keep the city bubbling with excitement.

Sometimes it feels like the fun never stops here in Philadelphia. One day you meet the love of your life and you think it’s time to settle down. You start to wonder if that excitement and fun has to stop, but it doesn’t. You might ask “How?” The answer is to “choose the best wedding venue in Philadelphia.” So, here are three unique wedding venues Philadelphia has to offer.  

The Rittenhouse Hotel

If you want to host a very extravagant traditional wedding, then the Rittenhouse Hotel is just for you. With a location overlooking the tree-lined pathways of Rittenhouse Square, the Rittenhouse hotel provides event specialists that help with both wedding designs and planning.

It is a Forbes Four-star hotel with a stylish Grand ballroom that accommodates more than 200 guests. At the center of the ballroom is a beautiful chandelier that creates a spectacular ambiance.

The hotel also provides catering services and packages that provide wedding caterers and tantalizing cuisines modeled to make your wedding dreams a reality. The hotel also has two restaurants, two bars, and a tea room. 

The Fairmount Horticulture Centre

Built in 1979 and sitting on the site of the former Horticultural Hall is the Fairmount Horticulture Center. It’s an 1876 Centennial Exposition building that is an ideal venue for those that love nature and still want to have that effect on their wedding day.

The venue features ponds, creeks, a pool, statues of famous artists, and several beautiful gardens that gives a green and natural ambiance to the venue. The Center also provides a professional catering services who cater to the unique needs of the couples and their guests, rendering wedding packages that create a seamless and great wedding.

With the venue’s spectacular setting and the flawless catering services, you are sure to have an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Spirit of Philadelphia 

If you are always seasick then this venue is not for you. But, if you love the sea and the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia, then this venue is just for you.

The Spirit of Philadelphia is a very fancy cruise ship that lets couples celebrate their weddings in grand style aboard it. It glides along the Delaware River and operates yearlong. This ship has various indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate more than 500 guests.

With the help of their specialists and the various wedding packages available, they can plan and design a wedding that meets your needs and standards. Let the spirit of your wedding be one that is exhilarating and stylish by choosing the Spirit of Philadelphia as your wedding venue. 

A wedding is an event that couples and even guests want to be an unforgettable one. So if you are looking for a venue that can create that memorable experience, indoor, outdoor or even floating on a sea, Philadelphia has it all. 

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