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How to keep flowers looking fresh longer

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

So, you have just received a gorgeous flower arrangement and wondering what to do next?
  1. If your flowers came covered in plastic it is better to remove it.
  2. Try to keep the arrangement away from extreme temperatures, as they can quickly dry out under the impact of heat or cold. 
  3. It's better not to place flowers near fruit and do not put them in places with a lot of sun.
  4. A lot of flowers will last longer in cooler conditions.
  5. Don't forget to add water to a vase with flowers. If the flowers came in a basket, box or another container with foam add a little bit of water every day.
  6. If you see dead or wilting stems immediately remove them. 
  7. Pay attention to your water, when it gets cloudy it is time to change it. 
  8. Cut stems at an angle about one, two inches from the bottom, this allows them to better absorb water. 



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