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Perfect anniversary flowers

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

Romance has long been inextricably linked to different types of flowers symbolizing different emotions. There are so many varieties of flowers, each of them expresses a different heartfelt emotion. If your anniversary approaches we at NE Flower Boutique know you want to show your spouse how special they are to you.

1st Anniversary: Carnations, from the red carnation that symbolizes admiration to the white that represents pure and innocent love.

2nd Anniversary: Lilies of the Valley. They represent happiness and purity of heart.

3d Anniversary: Sunflowers. A sunflower signifies a "devout admirer." the way sunflower turns to follow the sun symbolizes deep loyalty and constancy.

4th Anniversary: Hydrangea. This flower is associated with gratefulness and pride.

5th Anniversary: Daisies. They well known for symbolizing innocence, purity and gentleness on behalf of both the giver and recipient

6th Anniversary: Calla Lilies. Calla Lilies represent beauty and pride gained from shared wisdom over time.

7th Anniversary: Freesia, which is symbol of trust and fidelity.

8th Anniversary:Lilacs.They symbolize and recall love's first emotions.

9th Anniversary: Birds of Paradise. These flowers symbolize magnificence and splendor – celebrating romance's unexpected side.

10th Anniversary:Daffodil, it represents renewal and simple pleasures.

20th Anniversary:Aster believed to have magical properties, the aster is said to be a talisman of love. Symbolizing patience and elegance.

30th Anniversary: Lily. The lily represents devotion, pride and beauty.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus. The gladiolus signifies remembrance – fitting for an anniversary with so many years to recall.

50th Anniversary:Yellow Roses and Violets. Yellow Roses represent the inner light and beauty of a long, prosperous marriage. Violets represent the combination of humility and commitment that sustains an enduring union.

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