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Sending flowers during COVID-19 quarantine

Posted by Anastasia Karkacheva on

We are trying our best to practice social distancing; however as social distancing keeps us apart, flowers are a safe and joyful way to connect! It is a way to congratulate someone on his or her birthday when one is unable to travel and celebrate, it is a way for love to be celebrated on the date of anniversary, a lifting gesture when someone is going through a difficult time physically or emotionally, a special gift for the parents when new life enters this world, a memorable piece for when someone has come to an end of the road far traveled and a lovely, fragrant, beautiful gift for many, MANY more occasions!

Here at NE Flower Boutique in Philadelphia we are proud to continue our virtual operations by processing electronic orders placed via our website or through our open phone line and contribute to improving overall public welfare!

Research from Harvard University reveals that people feel happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning. That same study also showed that the presence of flowers helps reduce worry and anxiety and we know most if not ALL of us are currently experiencing intense levels of negative emotions. Research from the University of North Florida shows that people who lived with flowers in their homes for just a few days reported a significant decrease in levels of stress and improvements in their moods. In senior citizens in particular, flowers decrease depression, refresh recent memory and encourage companionship, according to research from Rutgers University; it is known that senior citizens are one of the increased-risk categories with this virus and are unable to see their loved ones due to limits in visitation and are most definitely experiencing sadness and loneliness today. A small gesture of love from the children and grandchildren delivered by a local florist could definitely be life-sustaining for some. 

NOW, let's send some love today!

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