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How to Be the Favorite Holiday Guest (Hint: Thankgiving Flowers)

Posted by Natalya Bucuy on

Holidays are a wonderful time. But also stressful. Especially if you, say, are meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time. Or have to face your wife’s aunt with whom you had a political argument last year (Ouch!)

Whatever the cause of holiday stress, there are ways to smooth things over. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and thankful, after all. 

We're a little bit biased here, of course, but we’re thinking if you show up bearing Thanksgiving flowers you chances of becoming everyone’s favorite guest will go up. Way up. So we’re offering some help in choosing the best Thanksgiving flower arrangement to wow even your biggest critics. 

Thanksgiving Flowers: A Way to a Hostess Heart

Here is a little secret. There is no better way to enter a room than while carrying flowers. You will turn heads. You will cause some “oohs” and “ahhs.” And you will make people breathe in air as they smell the wonderful aromas. 

You know what happens when they do that? Well, first of all, as silly as it sounds, they breathe in more oxygen. And that in itself is scientifically proven to improve people’s moods. Add some amazing aromas of the Thanksgiving flowers you bring and suddenly you become the carrier of happiness. (Talking about grand entrance!)

Flowers can help with seasonal depression and stress. They will add to the holiday decor your host already worked really hard on setting up. And they will surely serve as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the host. 

Now when it comes to Thanksgiving flowers you do have some choices. 

Pumpkin as a Base for Thanksgiving Flowers? Brilliant Idea!

The first, quite creative one, is to incorporate everyone’s fall favorite - the pumpkin. Yes, pumpkins are not just for lattes and pies. It can serve as a wonderful addition to room decor or even a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. 

This Thanksgiving flower arrangement comes in a ceramic container shaped like a pumpkin. 

Best part? Your host gets to keep it and it comes with a lid. 

Thanksgiving flowers in a pumpkin

Play with Fall Colors

Autumn offers us a beautiful paulette and we just must play with it. Do you know your host’s favorite color? Even if you don’t you can’t go wrong with hues of yellow, red, and orange. Check out these Thanksgiving flower arrangements that vary in style and design as much as they vary in colors. 

red Thanksgiving flowers

fall flowersThanksgiving rosesAutumn flower arrangement

Bring Some Sunshine to the Party

Perhaps not an obvious fall choice, but we believe this ray of sunshine deserves a special mention and a place at the Thanksgiving table. 

sunflowersFall sunflower arrangement

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatever Thanksgiving flower arrangement you pick, it will sure bring a smile to your hostess face. It will add some color and definitely some joy to the mood at the party. And even your wife’s aunt, who may or may not remember your argument from last year will give you a pat on your back. Happy Thanksgiving and way to be the best guest at the party!

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