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Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Small this Holiday Season

Posted by Natalya Bucuy on

“What do I get that person who has literally everything as a holiday gift?!”

Oh, isn’t that the question of the month? Holidays are upon us. Shopping for holiday gifts for people in your life is not an easy task. Like, what should you get your grandma? She has a collection of pretty much every trinket you can imagine, has two foot baths already, and is trying to give away things people have given her over the years to you. And your best friend? The one who rejects anything mass produced in China? What isn’t mass produced in China nowadays? 

Don’t worry, we got you. We gathered a list of unique shops and online sellers that have something for everyone. Including your grandma. 

Holiday Gift Guide: From Christmas Flowers to Salsa Art

Looking for a perfect Christmas floral arrangement? Or perhaps something different and very personal to send as holiday cards? 

These local artisans put their heart and soul into their products, not to mention their unique creativity. Many of the things are handmade, created entirely from the idea concept to product completion by talented individuals. 

The best part is that these retailers are small, independently run, and mostly local to the Philadelphia area. From American Express to Google, the quest to promote small business shopping has been on everyone’s mind. After all, it’s these small local shops that keep our economy going. From unique products to excellent customer service, these shops will offer you something big-box stores and online retail giants won’t - personal experience and some genuine love. 

So jump in and see what they have in store for you. You will not be disappointed. 

NE Flower Boutique: Christmas Flowers, Forever Roses, and Even a Bear for Your Sweetheart

Recently, we gave you some tips on how to instantly become a hostess’ favorite guest at a holiday party. One of the tips included - surprise, surprise - bringing a beautiful floral arrangement. The sentiment stays true throughout the Christmas season. Especially since our talented floral designers continue to come up with spectacular combinations. (Of course, we cannot not toot our own horn a little bit here. We are, after all, pretty awesome.) You can find some fresh new holiday floral designs on our holiday collections page. 

Christmas flowers centerpiece

But, perhaps, you are looking for something more of a long-lasting gift. We have just what you’re looking for. Check out our collection of Rose Bears. Made with over 500 foam roses they can make a very unique gift for anyone close to your heart. The petals have a very soft texture and will last forever. These bears come in different color variants of your choice, each of them crafted with care and love. 

Rose bear

Speaking of forever. Have you heard of our exclusive collection of Forever Roses? These unique creations contain real roses that have been carefully preserved and designed to wow any flower lover. Christmas flowers that last year after year? What is not to love! Best part - forever roses last up to five years!

Hels’ Bells Handmade: Holiday Floral Designs for the Stationary Lovers 

Paper has become a valued commodity in the paperless world. Add a touch of unique handmade goodness and you got an amazing gift idea for the paper lovers in your life. 

Journals, stationary, and unique home-made papers - Hels’ Bells Handmade got it all. Our personal favorite are these holiday cards, which even come with envelopes.

Made with botanical inks and hand-made stamps, everything that comes out from this talented artist’s studio is a pure beauty. She even creates her own paper from scratch and has a fascinating video on her home page that documents the process. 

Paper journals

Short Story Book Anthologies: Perfect Gift for the Bookworms in Your Life 

Holidays are a perfect time to curl up with a book, but also a busy one. Short story anthologies are perfect for a quick read during some down time. And they are a perfect gift for all any book lover. 

We have two option here in our gift guide.

For those humor fans, Eggplant Emoji, an anthology of comedic fiction could be a perfect fit. From Tinder dates gone wrong to space gods dealing galactic justice, Eggplant Emoji presents a hilarious collection of short stories. 

Eggplant emoji

Dandelion Revolution Press presents another great option with two great short story anthologies, each featuring diverse and fierce female characters. A great gift for any literary fan, for sure. 

Dandelion revolution press

dandelion revolution press

Raymer's Homemade Candy: Satisfying Every Sweet Tooth This Holiday Season 

Candy is dandy. Period. 

When it comes to holiday gifts, you cannot go wrong with sweets. Mark and Sue Raymers, the owners of Raymer's Homemade Candies know that very well. That is why they have been successfully satisfying everyone’s sweet cravings for over two decades. 

The shop offers a variety of gift boxes and molded candies. Chocolate pumpkin candy dish? How adorable! “Love” sign from our Philly-proud-brotherly-love-filled hearts? How can you say no?

chocolate pumpkin


ZOZO Soaps: Luxury to Soothe All Your Senses 

Holiday season can be a busy time. Bring some stress relief to your loved one - and yourself by checking out Zozo Soap Company.

handmade soaps

These soap bars combine a mix of skin nourishing oil, all-natural clays, milks, and natural exfoliants, to produce bars to fill any need. Beyond soap, enjoy the luxury of hand-made lotions, bath teas, lotions, accessories and more. As one happy customer put it, “sensual nosegasm guaranteed.”

handmade soaps

Kait Rose Studio: Goddess Worthy Handcrafted Jewerly

Whether you’re shopping for a true earthy goddess in your life or just looking for a unique Christmas tree ornament, Kait got you. She makes her unique jewerly and gifts using sustainably sourced materials, adds a touch of her creativity, and produces beautiful items. Luminary sets, dishes, earrings, and necklaces - there is something for everyone in Kait Rose Studio’s Sustainable porcelain and stoneware collections. We’ve just been eyeing these mushroom ornaments because come on, have you seen anything more adorable? 

mushroom ornament for holiday gift guide

Dangerous Hippy: Art Meets Wellness 

There is so much goodness here. As a one-woman shop owner, Buggy “the Hippy Witch” brews her magic with pride. Custom ashtrays, bags, jewelry, hand-made body butters, and delicious tea blends - she’s got everything to make the recipient of these unique gifts feel all the joy of the holiday season. 

Dangerous Hippy in holiday gift guide

Try this Turmeric Matcha blend to keep the seasonal colds away or free from your mind with an herbal blend. You can’t go wrong with Dangerous Hippy

turmeric teaherbal tea

Art Salsa: Wall Art for the Dancer in You

Not everyone is a dancer, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone who appreciates art, Art Salsa might have something you won’t find anywhere else. Alla Gerzon, marries her two passions, painting and dance, crafting a perfect duo that comes to life in her work. By her own admission, she is inspired by the figure and likes to depict the human form in her paintings. Her online shop features affordable prints of her paintings that she will carefully wrap and ship right to your doorstep. 

art salsa

Great Barn Brewery: Cheers to Holiday Season

Our holiday gift guide would not be complete without some cheerful beverages for the season.This family owned farm to glass brewery creates beers that are unique and delicious. Notice the very artistic can designs and clever brew names. Both can help you make a surprise gift for a beer lover in your life quite special. Order online and pick up your order at the beautiful rural farm or at one of Great Barn Brewery locations. 

holiday beer

We hope this holiday gift guide helps you select a perfect gift for your loved one. Send Christmas flowers, get some tea and sweets, or pick up a perfect brew to cheer with at the holiday table. Whatever you choose you can feel good knowing that you have supported a small business and made a local business owner smile. 

Happy holidays!

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