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Best Flowers for the Holiday Season

Posted by Natalya Bucuy on


Tis’ the season for dinner parties and gatherings with your family and friends. There are many things to think about when dinner party invitations are sent or received, such as food, drinks, gifts, and decorations! (Speaking of gifts, did you check our Holiday Gift Guide?)

According to research, the winter holiday season is the number one floral buying time of the year, showing that celebrating with flowers is still a staple. Whether you’re going to someone’s Christmas party or holding your own, it’s essential to have some floral knowledge beforehand if you decide to bring some flowers as a gift, as foliage, or as the centrepiece for the holiday table

The last thing you want is to decorate your home with white roses during this jolly season or bring romantic red roses as a Christmas gift. So, before you make a floral faux pas, we’re going to give you the lowdown on what the best flowers for the holiday season are.


Amaryllis for Christmas

One of the most popular flowering plants for Christmas is Amaryllis. It usually blooms six weeks after planting and is usually tended in greenhouses, so it’s ready for December. These flowers symbolize pride, strength, and determination. Their trumpet-like shape makes them perfect for the festive season. 

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American Mistletoe


No holiday season would be complete without some mistletoe. These plants weren’t grown on purpose, but they make beautiful garlands and can add a lot of character to your Christmas decor. The mistletoe symbolizes romance, fertility, and vitality. If you’re looking to give a festive floral arrangement, adding some mistletoe to the mix might be something you want to do. You could also add them on your porch if you’re feeling a bit romantic.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

This houseplant is perfect for you if you want something a bit unconventional for the holidays.  Bringing this cactus to a dinner party will surely garner some attention and intrigue! Despite being a cactus, this species blooms from late fall through winter and not in the summer. If you want to gift your loved ones something unique, the Christmas Cactus should be on your shopping list this holiday season. 

Fir Tree

What’s Christmas without the classic Christmas tree? Having this iconic plant is essential to your Christmas festivities if you want to go all out. This tree comes in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your home. You can find fir trees at your local grocery store or a Christmas tree farm nearby during the holiday season. You can also choose whether you want them potted or pre-cut. 



This scarlet flower is the most common and festive flower of the holiday season. You might have spotted this flower in gardens since they’re effortless to grow. This is a favorite of many because of its beautiful color and ability to thrive indoors and outdoors, making it easy to maintain and take care of. If you want to gift flowers that scream Christmas, then look no further than the Pointsettia.

Holiday Season’s Narcissus


Did you know that the December birth flower is the Narcissus? This flower symbolizes good wishes, faithfulness, and respect. You want to celebrate new beginnings and dreams for a New Year’s celebration. So, what perfect way to celebrate it with an arrangement of narcissi? These flowers are also excellent gifts for those whose birthdays are in December. 


Carnations for the holidays

Celebrate gratitude and appreciation with some pink carnations. These flowers make for festive centerpieces and even better gifts! When paired with other flowers such as carnations or roses, they make beautiful presents. So, surprise your good friends with some carnations to show them how thankful you are to have them in your life, and cheers to a fantastic new year. 

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Stargazer Lilies

Lilies for Christmas

The name stargazer lilies match the flowers’ aesthetic. These flowers are unique and eye-catching, making them the star of the show when you walk into a room with a vase of them. The pink stargazers usually mean gratitude or apologies. So, if you want to make peace with someone and start afresh, pink stargazers are the perfect gift to help you do that. Don’t forget the heartfelt card for an added personal touch. 

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Have a Jolly Holiday This Year!

Whichever flower you choose to decorate your home or gift to your loved ones, it’ll certainly bring some cheer to this year’s holiday season. All of the flowers mentioned above are festive, and each has a meaning and a story, perfect for gifting to your friends and family. You don’t have to stick to one type of flower. You can mix and match to add some color and variety. 

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